Crash pad big size pads Big Organic Pad

The best and safest crashpad in the market.

With 117x147cm of landing area and 13cm of the best foam in the industry, is highly reccommended for high and low boulders.

It closes securely with 4 simple metal buckle closures. Beefy, well-balanced shoulder straps are augmented with a hip belt to help get you out to your project swiftly and comfortably. 

Three carrying handles let you tug the pad around between problems without having to pack it up. A hybrid hinge keeps your foam like new and gives you a smooth target.

TIP: It fits in the back seat of all normal cars, also in the luggage bending the back seats forward).

Measure (open): 117 x 147 x 13 cm
Measure (closed): 117 x 74 x 26 cm
weight: 8kg

Big Organic Pad

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