Thank you for choosing us. 
Our conditions are simple: 

- You can pick up your pads in our opening hours. 
- If you want to contact us before for any change, you can do it by whatsapp to +34 722163666.
- If for some strange reason we cannot give you the exact pad that you have booked, we will give you a similar one. We will always do our best in this case.
- We check the pads before you take them, and we expect you to return them in the same conditions, with all its pieces.
- You must return the pad on date, or tell us in advanced if you want to extend more days.
- If you return your pads in our drop point, you must send us a whatsapp with a picture of them once you drop them.
- If your travel is cancelled for health reasons, tell us in advance and we will refund your money. Any other reasons are also taken into consideration for refunds, as long as you let us know at least one week before the pick up day.